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Dina GARCIA (Peintre)
Editions Octobre 2017, ART SHOPPING PARIS OCT 18,
Artist:Dina Garcia, Brazil DINA GARCIA - was born in Cruz das Almas - Bahia, self-taught plastic artist with influences, fauvism, cubists and expressionist. But with his own style, his painting refuses all academic convention, subject to the instinctive laws of the harmony of colors in the composition of the painting. He took courses at the Aclamação Palace and drawing and painting workshops at MAM - Solar do Unhão, both between 1996 and 1997 (Salvador BA), began painting with crayons in 1992, and soon he realized his first individual at the Municipal Library of Cruz das Almas (1992) and in 1996 he started painting on oil canvas and soon moving on to acrylic technique he uses until today. Theme varied. It has participated until the moment '69 "collective exhibitions Salvador, Feira de Santana, Cachoeira, Santo Amaro da Purification, Itaberaba, Maragogipe, Cruz das Almas - BAHIA, Campinas and Itapetininga - SP and São Paulo capital, Búzios - Rio de Janeiro, 9 Exhibitions, international exhibitions, 2 France, 2 Italy and 1 United States, 2 Portugal - Porto, Vienna Austria First ARTS HALL in Liechtenstein Vanduz - Brazil House 2016 .. 17 individual exhibitions Salvador and Recôncavo, 2 Art Salons Campinas SP and Cachoeira- Bahia, 9th Biennial of the Recôncavo - Centro Cultural Dannemann, in São Félix - 2008 with the selected work "PORTRAIT OF FAMILY III." He made the stage set for the Operational Show of Art in 2010 House of Culture of Cruz das Almas, participated in the I National Salon Of Plastic Arts - National Panorama - Campinas - S. Paulo and the First Exhibition of Art and Culture of Cachoeira in the First Order of Carmo - Cachoeira - Bahia - 2013 Campinas - São Paulo.Interview in the book Caminhos, Hist UFBA, Revista Canal - interview - 2012 and Revista Urbana - Assis - SP and region 2014, cover of Pro-Rector's Magazine for Extension - in 2011 and 2012, Revista Biografia - 2011 - Biography. It has works sold to several countries in Europe, USA, Japan and several Brazilian states. Illustrations of the Book of poetry - EGÚNS - of the author Journey.Revista Beach Class and the names of the 73 artists of Carrocel du Louvre. Dina Garcia among the artists - 2013; Interview in the program Mosaico Baiano with Alessandro Timbó. On 11/01/2014 TV Bahia affiliated with Globo, Interview - BAHIA PROGRAM IS SHOW WITH SARA VERONICA - CNT - SALVADOR - BA - 21/10 / 2015.Participated in exhibitions at Arts Fairs, with stylized paintings on shirts in total 8 - 7 in Cruz das Almas - Ba and 1 in Atibaia - São Paulo. "Framed Banner" of the page of events, was created by the artist DINA GARCIA, especially for this 2nd Junina Festival "Arraiá da Casa Brasil - Liechtenstein" - 2015. Casa Brasil chose the artist Dina Garcia to represent our Junina Party of 2015 . Cover of the magazine and 50 CDs with the publication to be distributed in the Course that is being held in Guadalupe, State of Piauí - Course of Good agricultural practices of field in the cultivation of the bananeira.EMBRAPA - 2015, Issuu: - Slogan Magazine Launch - NEW LAUNCH IN THE PUBLICITY OF SALVADOR AND REGION, interview 2017. Philos # 16 Philos - Magazine of Literature of the Latin Union Number 16, Volume 3, Year 3 Permanent exhibitions Pousada Convento do Carmo in Cachoeira - Ba and Galeria B. art - Shopping - Parallel - Salvador - Ba. Getúlio Vargas, 137 - Cross of the Souls - Ba
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