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Taemook JANG (Peintre)
Tae Mook, Jang b.1966 B.F.A Major in Painting Dep. of Hong-Ik University, Korea M.F.A. Major in Painting Dep. of Hong-Ik University, Korea 50 Times Solo Exhibitions Major Exhibition Atelier Jean-Francois MILLET, Millet Museum, France Pont des arts, France Gallery Q, Japan New York Art Expo, ART BANK , America Collection MMCA, KBS Media Center, SK Group, Renaissance Hotel, LG Group, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, Embassy of France, A Consulate of Nepal, Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia, KEIMYUNG UNIVERSITY Art College Professor Sometimes it is time to see and feel more than we see and feel. The paintings that I have are not in a specific place or function, but in the notion of other things outside the workshop. I am not conscious of anything but the strange triangle between the objects and the works, expressing 'myself' It is not a simple representation that 'resembles' an object in the visual world. It is inspired by nature as the existence of some insight and creativity clashes in the process of change of nature in the visual world, that is, visual data. I seek the source of my work as a composure in the personal unconscious world that I have learned in nature, either in the hidden inner world of the individual or in the domain of collective symbolism. On my own formability, I become a paper, paint, reveal the color of nature, take the color of nature, and make the color of nature. Just as a person who has experience of reading a picture from the standpoint of nature can reverse view the nature from the perspective of the picture, I myself can solve the message of light with the code of paint and transform it again. It is a totally different direction of my life as it moves away from the ranks with the tactile tentacles sticking to the object, moving away from the ranks, moving away from the ritual gesture, I want to be seen as. I want to give the order of passing image and experience, leaning on the order of nature and likening the sense of direction to life to the root of the tree. The sap from the roots is transmitted to me through my eyes. Sometimes I think of myself as the stem of a tree. It breaks and shakes by the power of the flow and pours out my vision to the work. In front of the whole world, I can not assure you that the top of the tree will grow in the form of roots ... I stand in a fixed position and carry out the task of collecting and delivering the coming up from the bottom of the tree like a stem of a tree. It does not rely on anybody, does not reign on anyone, frowns as if it is destiny, always scared, lonely, dark night sky ... does not pack everyday expressions. A series of behaviors to create color, to color, to mix materials for specific effects, reproduces the natural state of nature. I paint my own movements and colors in the natural image that revives through the brush. It reveals the hidden forms rooted in the place of life, not as an idea, but focuses on the natural color as it is, and the transparent eye without intelligent filtration. Just as the image of nature is reflected in my work, the object is projected in the water, and the importance of contemplation inside is emphasized rather than any external action in the process of identifying the object (nature) with me. I have the desire to complete a fountain of secrets deeply rooted in nature in one landscape ... My work continues tomorrow.
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